The story of Lotus Women

With Lotus Woman, we set out with the dream where women are empowered, violence against women is ended and cities ensured gender equality. We were established in Kocaeli in 2017 with women who share this dream and want to transform the city they live in, from students to retirees. We got our name from Lotus, a flower that can endure harsh conditions and survive. We women aim to realize our strength and use it for an egalitarian transformation at the local level.

Don't be my violance, be my valentine!

Having a valentine is a natural process of human relationships. We should not be afraid or ashamed of experiencing emotional relationships. But we also want our relationship to be safe. How can we understand the reliability of the emotional relationships we form as young women and girls? What are the attitudes and behaviors that indicate a tendency towards violence? To understand this, we need to share our experiences with each other. Let's learn together.

Collaboratings and Networks

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